Trailer music | unreleased

[Hybrid Orchestral]Illogical
[Hybrid Orchestral]Astra
[Hybrid Orchestral]Operative

Production music | demo purposes *

[Folk Commercial]Weekend Off
[Electronic Underscore]Climate Report
[Crime Underscore]Planning To Kill
[Contemporary Horror]Ripped Flesh
[Ambient Noise]Bleeding Walls
[Contemporary Classical]But Life Is Weird
[Comedy Orchestral]What Are You Talking About?
[Stylish Boom Bap]My Big Fat Hip Hop
[Ethereal Backgrounds]Elysian Water
[Energetic EDM]IT Guys
[Classical Electronic]Satie - Gymnopedie n.1

Bio & Links

I have around 20 years of experience in the music world first as a virtuoso ukulele performer and a few years later as a composer/music producer.
Since then I've had the chance to work under different environments - television series, daytime shows, documentaries, commercials, full length movies, videogames - and expand my skills.

I'm italian and I live in Roma but I do speak english everyday so feel free to use it.
I speak spanish - claro que si, se parece mucho al italiano
I understand turkish - ama neden konuşmamı isteme çünkü bir çocukken türkçe konuşuyorum!
My next goal is french - ouì - I'm working on it.

Discord: Jontom#1184
Instagram: ljtomassini

* Please contact me to request a demo catalogue of around 50 tracks and additional categories organized by folders.
Thanks for your time, I hope you liked my music.
Have a great day!