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This page is a private showreel for my latest cinematic productions. My style spans from deep dark cinematic music to quirky dramedy, being slapped by contemporary orchestral music mixed with minimal electronic elements. I love to compose emotional melodies on the piano and I crave to produce high impact trailers.

[Hybrid Orchestral]Operative
[Hybrid Orchestral]Illogical
[Hybrid Orchestral]Astra
[Contemporary Classical]But Life Is Weird
[Contemporary Horror]Ripped Flesh
[Underscore Crime]Cold Shadows
[Underscore Electronic]Automated Life
[Dramedy Orchestral]Soul Chef
[Dramedy Hip Hop]Quite Frankly
[Reality Tension]Blurred Out
[Minimalist Piano Ambient]Brainstorm
[New Age]Expanding Universe
[Soft Electronic Commercial]Soft Neon Light

I live in Roma but I do speak english everyday so feel free to use it.
In addition I speak spanish - claro que si, se parece mucho al italiano - and I can understand turkish - ama neden konuşmamı isteme çünkü bir çocukken türkçe konuşuyorum!
My next goal is french - ouì - I'm working on it.

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Discord: Jontom#1184
Instagram: ljtomassini

Thanks for your time, I hope you liked my music.
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