My latest soundtrack for the short film "ECAEP" is an organic piece featuring acoustic raw instruments against subtle electronic elements.
Winner at the N.I.F.F. Noto International Film Festival for Best Original Soundtrack.

Trailer music | unreleased

[Hybrid Orchestral]Illogical
[Hybrid Orchestral]Astra
[Hybrid Orchestral]Operative

Production music | demo purposes *

[Drama Underscore]Deep Inside
[Horror Underscore]Don't Move Or You Die
[Electronic Underscore]Climate Report
[Crime Underscore]Planning To Kill
[Contemporary Neutral]The Average Life
[Contemporary Classical]But Life Is Weird
[Comedy Orchestral]What Are You Talking About?
[Stylish Boom Bap]My Big Fat Hip Hop
[Folk Commercial]Weekend Off
[Ethereal Backgrounds]Elysian Water
[Neoclassical EDM]Seasons Of Youth
[Energetic EDM]IT Guys
[Classical Electronic]Satie - Gymnopedie n.1

Bio & Links

I have around 20 years of experience in the music world first as a virtuoso ukulele performer and a few years later as a composer/music producer.
Since then I've had the chance to work under different environments - television series, daytime shows, documentaries, commercials, full length movies, videogames - and expand my skills.

I'm italian and I live in Roma but I do speak english everyday so feel free to use it.
I speak spanish - claro que si, se parece mucho al italiano
I understand turkish - ama neden konuşmamı isteme çünkü bir çocukken türkçe konuşuyorum!
My next goal is french - ouì - I'm working on it.

Discord: Jontom#1184
Instagram: ljtomassini

* Please contact me to request a demo catalogue of around 50 tracks and additional categories organized by folders.
Thanks for your time, I hope you liked my music.
Have a great day!

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